Getting the Show on the Road

Getting the Show on the Road
Personal recollection by David Sekers, first Museum Director 

"My job as Museum Director was to get the show on the road, and make the museum financially viable as quickly as possible. The priority was of course the conservation of the historic fabric, including the majestic bottle ovens. Then  (with John Bedford as designer) to plan and install displays.  In particular I was charged with establishing demonstrations of manufacturing processes, with a view to marketing the products as souvenirs.

Gladstone Pottery Museum Story
We suffered unforeseen delays with the restoration work (the gable end of the warehouse block was unstable); and the three day week in the early months of 1974 added to initial difficulties; so the opening was delayed until August 20.

By then we had a new gas kiln and an agreement to make traditional Staffordshire figures under license. The site was transformed by the arrival of the pioneers teams of  volunteers; and the main attraction was watching the demonstrators, David Rooke, Hilda Morris, Mrs Goodwin and Mrs Birks. Largely due to them, visitors from the start seemed to enjoy learning about  the unique personality and character of the Potteries."   more here>